9 ways to reuse old clothes.

Everyone knows that fast fashion (constantly buying new, cheap clothing) is bad for the environment and society, too. For example, to make one shirt and a pair of jeans and all over the globe, we consume 80 billion pieces of clothing every year ...

But what do you do when you're sick of your closet?

The beauty of reuse and the cyclic change is that your choices are indeed infinite. If you get this right, you can change clothes into things that you love more than ever. Here are our first ideas for inspiration!

Nine creative things to do with the old clothes.

Make your own sparkling coaches.

If you have a twisted pair of Convers you can't break up with, then.

All you need is a lot of (and heaps).

Turn your favorite t-shirts into the tire.It's a shame when you're collecting t-shirts from your favorite gigs or festivals over the years, just to be used as pajamas. Or maybe you stick to some heavy jumpers and T-shirts that you no longer wear, but which have a real sentimental value ...

In any case, it is a great way to avoid it and bring them into themselves.

It's a big job, and you're gonna need something called.

If you do not have access to a sewing machine, it may take some time to get all sewing, but extra effort is definitely worth it!.

Cut the t-shirt on the top of the neck.

If you have an old shirt that you never wear again, why don't you give her a new lease of life, turning into the upper part of your neck?Again, the sewing machine will make it a lot easier, but you can.

If you want to redo some of your old clothes for the summer, it's the perfect solution ...

Turns the old jumpers on the pillow pillow.

You can turn into a pillow, so it works on old T-shirts just like the jumpers. But the old fluffy jumpers are ideal for creating cosy pillows ...

You're gonna need some of this.This method is very easy to do, and you can literally make the covers in.

Put your favorite T-shirts in the frame.

If you have old shirts, football stripes or sentimental laughter, turning them into works of art is the perfect way to give them the time they deserve ...

Plus, if you're using it.

Cut the square, stick it to the inside of the frame to keep it straight and voila.

Make your own soul.Credit: Charm Wildfire Charm.

Hawkers have had a huge mistake lately, but you don't have to break up the cash to buy them on the high street ...

It's easy to make them real easy.

A store for a store in your local area and choose yours.

You can also buy some.

As soon as you measured and cut the ribbon, you'd bring some.

I do not care for your jeans.I don't know what to do with my old jeans. Just grab a pair of scissors and turn them into shorts ...

Try first to make sure you get it.

To give them extra pizza, get some.

Use scrabwits to make manual barges.

This is a great option for any useless things that are made of solid material without very elastic for them (so that T-shirts and jumpers will not work for this, but the shirts will be like some skirts and dresses) ..

Skin the material you have about.

As soon as you sew the squares and fill them in.

You can also create a.

Stargate your shirt in a dress.If you have a shirt that is too big for you, or a family member tries to get rid of one, try experimenting with putsy. With all the extra materials to play with them, there are many choices.

There are tons of textbooks on the Internet